Website Design


Do you think you know web design?

From Banners to Content, we’ll share our thoughts on building GREAT websites.

There are a number of important factors to consider when creating a website and we at JCWeb thought that we would enlighten you by imparting some of this knowledge onto you in a constructive and informative breakdown. The following outlines the type of work we perform when creating your website at JC Web.

Banner Design

A Banner is exactly the same as a storefront to a traditional store, your client needs to know that you mean business and that you’re here to deliver better than your competitors. Designed correctly, a banner will keep the client from clicking away.

Templates R&D 

If a Banner is a storefront, then a template is the store itself. Templates compose the look and feel of your website. They’re theme ensure that when your clients are on your website they feel right at home, and easily find what they’re looking for exactly the way a store clerk would assist customers.

Icon Designs 

Icons (The isle numbers) are the easiest way to direct new and returning clients to exactly what they need without having to think. Icons are essential because some research shows that site visitors will spend as little as 15 seconds on a web page before moving on when they cannot find what they are looking for.

Typography Treatment 

Type sets the tone for your website. It tells the client how you’re saying something (happy, sad, excited, etc.) and can be the difference between a client staying on your website or leaving because they simply cannot endure the typeface you’ve used (Simply unreadable fonts like “Gigi”).


Content is NOT simply what you’re selling! It’s what the client came for and what they will come back for, you! Businesses make money selling commodities but successful brands are built selling what they believe in. Great content will drive your client’s association with who you are, be it through pictures, videos, or simple text. This content helps move your client’s wallets from their pockets and into their hands because what you’re selling is no longer a “want” but a catalyst to their happiness, and who doesn’t want to feel happy right? As you can see, there is more than meets the eye when it comes to a well-designed website. These technical beasts are the online representation of your company and it is imperative that you treat it with utmost importance. Show as much pride in your online presence as you would in your physical store.

You wouldn’t let your physical store look unkept, would you?

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    Website Development

    Lack of research is the downfall of any company website which is why the JCWeb team dedicates ample time to Research & Development, ensuring a rock-solid concept before we build.

    Email & Domain Hosting

    We’ve Got Your Back! We offer competitive rates for both website and email domain hosting which is backed secure servers which are constantly monitored.


    Websites are YOUR online store-front, they let your customers know who you are, what you’re about, and most importantly what you’re selling. Oh Yes, And you best believe they will be deciding if you’re the person to buy it from.


    Google is Location Location Location! Google enables clients to find your brand on the world wide web, in the same way, that it is so important to have a coffee shop in a high traffic area. We place your business on Googles Main Street, ensuring customers find you.


    Say Hello to the Internets Town Square. Everybody who is anybody exists on Facebook, and for GOOD REASON! Facebook gives your brand a direct line into peoples lives and allows them to develop a relationship with you online. The perfect way to find out who your key target audience is and what they want!