Wozani Berg Gasoline

In the realm of South African fuel distribution, a fair few come close to the magnitude of WBG (Wozani Berg Gasoline). With a capacity exceeding 4.5 million litres, 70 tankers and depots across the country, this fuel logistics giant was truly an amazing brand to work with.

WBG briefed us to create an online company profile of sorts, which would clearly represent their products and services with a consistent message. A directive which was both interesting and challenging for the JCWeb Team.

Utilising a clean layout, we incorporated WBG’s corporate identity into a highly structured navy blue, white and grey template. Our creative division arranged for appropriate images to be taken of the fleet and the staff of WBG as well as other interesting elements of the company which stood out to us. These unique images were then edited with the WBG corporate identity and strategically placed on the website to provide the best possible look and feel for the company as we understood it.

In terms of the website copy, we took our inspiration from an existing WBG company profile which was provided to us. With this information in hand, we formulated a concise “About Document”, highlighted key information on the website which would drive customers to inquire further, as well as manufacture a general friendly tone which we find customers appreciate. Further information was developed to form blog posts for the company, of which the JCWeb team would update timeously when the company had something interesting to say, thus creating better SEO response from search engines such as Google.

The JCWeb team is of course very proud of this website and we do encourage you to check it out as it is a great representation of how a well-designed website is an effective form of communication between you and your clients.

The JCWeb Team



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