Richard Evans & Associates

We have built websites with many law firms before Richard Evens & Associates, and we knew that out the gate, we would have a run for our money.

A boutique style law firm which was founded in 2006. The company was started as an entrepreneurial venture by the current owner Richard Evans. He himself has over 40 years of experience in the Law industry and has done well Specialising in the field of town planning, environmental, building plan and other related areas of property law. The now prominent law firm is now based in St Mary’s Road in Kloof.

When we were first faced with the challenging website which was Richard Evans & Associates (REAA) we knew that we had to produce something exceptionally professional with a realtor website appeal. Their core business is, of course, the handling of real-estate transfers as well as estates which is why we focused on making the site extremely user-friendly. The Navy Blue utilised in the build of the site was borrowed from existing advertising colours and we feel as though we made the right decision to keep it, as it provides an extremely classy appeal to the finished website.

Moving on to the information itself, the website features a range of interesting history pertaining to the company, including background information about a few members of staff who work with the firm. This information is further complemented by the implementation of useful links which are associated with REAA, a relative technique which allows the user to overview your brand associations and in turn, this encourages them to pick up the phone to call you!

Overall we had great fun working with The REAA team. We even have one more special device in store for their website which is coming soon. Their very own transfer cost calculator which will allow their clients to estimate the costs they are in for before the purchasing process even begins.

Please feel free to check out the REAA website, and hopefully, you to will get a feel for all that is possible when your site is built by JCWeb

The JCWeb Team


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