In 1956 Danish Engineer Hildaur Neilsen, the chief engineer of Arnold Neustadter’s company Zephyr American, a stationery manufacturer in New York, decided that a stack of business cards wasn’t enough, and the Rolodex was born!

You see with the world expanding at such an alarming rate, there is a desperate need to provide information as fast as possible, is it the reason the processes we perform in our daily lives continue to get faster and it is for this reason the devices such as the Rolodex have been created. A simple solution to an existing problem, to organise the information of the companies I am concerned about, and have those contact details ready at a moment’s notice, in the event that I need t be in contact with them. It is this very thinking which is applied when we consider solutions such as Google My Business.

Google My Business is Googles Digital Rolodex. It is the Space within a Google Search (on the right-hand side of the results page) where you will see the information of a company which closest matches your search results. In addition, in the event that someone is searching directly for your company

Eg. Search: JCWeb Durban

There is a 99.9% chance that in the event that you have set up your Google My Business with the correct company information, that your Google My Business information will be the “Card” that will display within these Search Results.

How Does Google Verify This?

You see Google uses the old-fashioned Snail Mail letter service to achieve the verifying feat of ensuring that those who have verified Google My Business pages are in fact legitimate. Google will in turn mail you a verification code, that you will enter into a website address link that they will send you. It is here where the code will be immediately processed and the legitimate location of your business will be verified for the world to see.




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