Why AdWords?

The World Wide Web is essentially one of the largest store directories in the world. It is a place in which all the companies of the found online come to exist, and just like in the real world, these companies are fighting to be found over and above their competitors. The difference for your company, is that unlike the insanely large investment which is necessary to be placed at the right location in the real world. The internet allows companies to simply move their location in the directory to the front page for everyone to see.

There has never been a better era to be a part of this online movement, with the world expanding at this exponential rate of change, people are being exposed to more and more noisy advertising on a daily basis and it is because of this noise that it is imperative that you company cuts through this clutter. Google AdWords has this potential because of the nature of this advertising. An example of this solution is something you experience every single time you perform a Google Search.

How Does it Work?

Notice that whenever you perform a Google Search, there will be some appearance of a classified ad style advertisement located on either the right hand side of the google search page / at the very top of your Google Search. These are the ads which have been built within the AdWords framework and paid for by those companies in order to be displayed to the post search.

It is here that the “Click” is made.

You see the number one reason people need Search Engines like google, is because the internet is a very large place with seemingly infinite destinations that are otherwise undiscoverable without the help of a directory service like Google, who performs the Search Engine function the same way the Yellow Pages choreographs companies into their different areas of expertise. Here in lies the magic of the Google Search Engine. In the same way that your traditional Yellow Pages will display the advertisements of all of the companies in the directory (which you pay for), Google will take the advertisement you have created within the AdWords application and display it first in the Google Search performed by the user.

When is it Displayed?

Your Ad will be displayed when the users Googled Keywords, match the keywords that have been associated with the advertisement.

Eg. User Googles Garden Services Durban.

As it turns out you are advertising for “Garden Services in Durban” and these are some of the key words associated with your advertisement. It is here where you would have placed a bid on the top advertising position for these key words, against competitors who are bidding for the same set of keywords (how much money you are willing to spend for your ads to show up high than your consumers in rank). Your website will displayed at the top of this Google Search, for this user, because you have taken out an advertisement on these keywords, thus enticing the user to click the first listing which they will see as your listed advertisement.

(Visual aid)

The cost involved here is of course depended on the areas which you are advertising, the, who you are advertising to, as well as the keywords which you are using to advertise your brand (the most popular keywords for you company niche).

We hope that this has helped you further understand the use of AdWords and just how much potential this form of advertising has in any industry, a limitless supply of users and potential clients who are just waiting for your ad to be put in front of them.

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