Fleming Civils

Fleming Civils

When we first started working on Fleming Civils we had no idea just how diverse their portfolio was.
To our delight we found out just what a healthy brand they actually are, featuring a smaller team of dedicated staff who are employed on a permanent basis. Their company owns their machinery which ensures that they always have the right equipment on hand, catapulting their professional capabilities to an entirely new level.
Being one of the first Civil Engineering companies we have worked with, we took our time to understand the message their brand needed to portray online. The insight yielded a clean aesthetic with crisp clean lines that drive the user to call the company at a glance. This is complemented by informative company banners which display in series across the landing page, talking directly to the potential customer by providing an inspirational overview of what the company is capable of.

Once captivated, the client is lead to more intricate information pertaining to the services of the company. These services are each accompanied by small write-ups as well as unique images which encourage the user to stay browsing on the website. These services are topped off with completed project write-ups that include a little bit of information about some of the work the company has complete and finally a classy display of clients they have associated with over many years in the industry. A driving factor for anyone who is interested in the brand and needs a nudge to trust Fleming Civils in-spite of their already 22 years in the industry.

At JC Web we find nothing more satisfying than creating functional websites for our clients which accurately represent how cool they are in an online window into their world. Be sure to check out the Fleming Civils website to get a real understanding of just how awesome a researched and directed website from JC Web can be today!

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